How much time do you spend listening to music?Is there any kind of music that you hate?

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24 July 2013
Personally i spend at least 6 or 7 hours a day listening to music even at work sometimes.Now about the second question although i listen to all genres of music i'm not really into death-metal screaming thing, because it's just too much for me.
Bartacus53.36K Translator
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31 May 2013
I don`t listen to music that much anymore, I should do that a little more often actually.
I hate R&B....Everything is about expensive cars, money and b*tches....huffy
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27 July 2014
I hear music whenever i use my pc or my mobile... I hate soul
CanadianGeek1434 User
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06 August 2014
I listen to music for a few hours a day. I music tastes vary so much its hard to single out a specific genre I don't like. I won't listen to Opera or chant music. I tend not to like much music that is played on mainstream radio either.

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19 November 2014
Ii'm not that big on music anymore so i listen perhaps an hour or two a day. Mostly to old classics. Full albums like The Wall or Darkside of the Moon, you know stuff along those lines.
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14 November 2013
I've got about a 14 hour playlist of my favorite songs that many of my musician friends are also familiar with so just to keep in shape as a musician I jam along with those tunes on the bass ( right now concentrating on fretless bass ) at least one or two hours a day but that length can sometimes be up to four or five hours. I generally keep the playlist on random so that I never really know what's coming next. I will also change up playlists at various times but usually stick with that same 14 hour one for jamming along.

And I have a different extremely long playlist that I usually use for sleeping. I tend to sleep with music cranked pretty loudly. This habit that I INSIST on keeping has chased away many a girl. lol I've got everything on that sleep playlist from Bach to Death Metal but it's mostly hard core jazz-rock fusion. My attitude is that I'm constantly at music school whilst dozing. pirate

As a general rule I don't like stock country music but I DO like bluegrass, I own a Patsy Cline hits collection and have a few by Lyle Lovett. I like Lyle Lovett because he seems to be making fun of country music! lol

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02 December 2013
I listen to quite a bit of music. As a guitarist I listen to a variety of stuff, and usually play along with it, from various genres to keep my chops up. I and also have various Jam Tracks I have made that are just instrumental in nature in various keys to practice scales and modes to. As for dislikes.... not a huge fan of rap, nothing against it, it's just not for me.

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04 October 2014
Rap and Hiphop is my fav.. genre btw I hate rock and classic.
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10 January 2015
6-10 hours a day, mostly hip hop/house/dnb. Don't really dislike any genre
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17 November 2014
I listen to music about 6+ hours per day, on the way to work, at work ( sometimes)on the way home and at home! I CAN'T go a day without some musicshocked.I listen to Rock and Metal. I dislike, Rap, Hip Hop, Dance, Country, Blues.

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